Studio Michael Satter

Act I: Ærolithe Illusion

“They say that belief in a shared illusion is the first sign of madness. But there are indeed all kinds of madnesses to this fragmented, pseudoscientific story. It's a question of confidence really, confidence in the ordinary first step of the close-up deception. That's the definition of the charlatan, or opportunist after all—a figure who recurs throughout the history of art, science and more—someone who practices the so-called 'confidence trick' in order to obtain money, fame, or even faith”

General informations:
• Catalogue concept: Michael Satter
• Graphic design: Michael Satter
• Editors: Bureau de Cinéma
Africain (ABC), Bridget Baker
and Bianca Baldi
• Publisher: Goethe-Institut
• Year: 2013

Technical informations:
• Format: 195 x 270 mm
• Pages: 24
• Print: Riso
• Printer: Ditto Press