Studio Michael Satter

Aimer Tes Héros

Aimer Tes Héros features the entire collection of posters for all of Cosima von Bonin’s solo shows, joined by works from Jana Euler, Anne Imhof, Max Marion Kober and Lucie Stahl. Oona-Léa von Maydell initially brought the five artists together for this exhibition and book, creating a kind of conceptual stage that allows for continuous, imaginary interaction between the various works and the artists. Although the artists are clearly different, even antithetical in terms of their individual creative methods and perspectives, they are woven into the context as a constellation. The focus is on the contextual and personal sites where they intersect as fellow artists

General informations:
• Book concept: Michael Satter
• Graphic design: Michael Satter
• Editor: Oona-Léa von Maydell
• Publisher: Kerber Verlag
• Authors: Daniel Birnbaum,
Felix Klopotek, O. L. von Maydell
• Year: 2016

Cosima von Bonin
Jana Euler
Anne Imhof
Max Marion Kober
Lucie Stahl

Technical informations:
• Format: 119 x 170 mm
• Pages: 74
• Typefaces: Favorit
• Print: Offset