Studio Michael Satter

Don’t Wake Up The Ghost

Béla Feldberg’s work shows how many more ghosts are amongst us than we know. They don’t only exist at funfairs or in our dreams—they live in all of us. Driven by the hedonism of his youth, Feldberg launches into a journey of the night and whatever it is that lies beyond. Impressions of distorted sceneries collectively fabricated by young people, niches of anti-solitude, the escape from the steady grasp of society and the discovery of a secret—but also the quest for ghosts. The warning that is spoken has several facets: we dread going within ourselves to scrutinize the ghosts of our soul and psyche, let alone to set them free to romp and rage and take control. On the other hand the warning can also be seen as an indication as to what we could release—whatever it is that slumbers and waits to be awoken. • During the viewing of the works and in the interview we get to experience Feldberg as the incarnate product of a life with strong ruptures, a balancing act between extreme circumstances and a passion for truth and rawness. In a childlike, naïve sort of way his motives point to the environment in which he grew up, that still shapes him on a daily basis. With his 22 years of age it seems that Feldberg has already spent a lifetime behind the camera and presents intimate and fragile impressions of the witching hour between 8 a.m. and 3 p.m. between Münchener Straße and Taunusstraße in the area around the Frankfurter Main train station and devoutly studies the borders of the fleeting idea of moral

General informations:
• Graphic design: Michael Satter
• Editors: Maximilian Best
and Michael Satter
• Text: Maximilian Best
• Photography: Béla Feldberg
• Publisher: Odessa Publishing
• Year: 2014

Technical informations:
• Format: 315 x 470 mm
• Pages: 16
• Typefaces: Minion, Lydian
• Print: Reel-fed offset
• Print Run: 1.000

Technical informations:
• Format: 210 x 297 mm
• Pages: 12
• Typefaces: Minion
• Print: Offset
• Print Run: 1.000