Studio Michael Satter

Inga Danysz – Insufficient Funds

Inga Danysz poses questions of personal memory and an extensive loss of history. Not in abstract or merely theoretical terms but concrete and of her own experience. Stemming from Warsaw and having grown up in Germany she retrospectively enquires her biography amidst the perished political projects or projections. She enquires individual fates amongst the ‘great’ histories of the world, enquires the uncertain possibilities of art striving to obtain a voice of its own, to express itself between functional décor and resistant materiality. Which would be one aspect of the title she has chosen for her Reutlingen exhibition: Insufficient Funds. For, do we, at all, have the means to deal with our past origins as well as our future appropriately? For that matter, her sculptures are anything but self-involved. Rather they are symbolic forms which Inga Danysz creates from memory and far-reaching research. Appearing like non-objective constructivist sculpture at first, it reveals itself as memorised equipment of Eastern-Euro-pean or more precisely Polish playgrounds — be it a Rocket, Ivory Tower, and Crawler or a rack for carpet beating. In them, in the zero gravity of a climbing frame child-like innocence and hopes are blended into the historic contradictions and absurd similarities of the USA and Soviet Union during the space-age’s ideological race. Equally, Inga Danysz treats the found historic objects and architectonic components she precisely and sensitively re-enacts or re-stages as emblem-atic visual objects: for instance a lost wrought-iron ring — to tie horses to — whose loss cannot be made good but as a cautious glassy ‘memory’ it remains present,ephemeral, frail, and almost invisible. Thus, Inga Danysz creates as empathetically as tacitly spatial images which constantly linger between their own dissolution and physical assertion, surpassing the single work’s dimensions by far, therein.

General informations:
• Catalouge concept: Michael Satter
• Graphic design: Michael Satter with Marcus Alasović
• Editors: Christian Malycha, Kunstverein Reutlingen
• Publisher: SchirnVerlag für Moderne Kunst
• Authors: Carla Donauer, Inga Danysz, Pablo Larios, Christian
Malycha, Sylwia Serafinowicz
• Year: 2018

Technical informations:
• Format: 240 x 300 mm
• Pages: 80
• Typeface: Times New Roman
• Print: Offset
• Binding: Hardcover with thread binding
• Publisher: Kerber Verlag