Studio Michael Satter

Sammlung als Erzählung

What links museums and collectors? Both tell stories with their objects. • Frankfurt artist Reinhard Wanzke assembled a unique and heterogeneous collection on his trip around the world: from November 2016 to July 2017 he travelled to five continents and amassed a total of fifty works by artists from seven countries. Wanzke started the project with an exhibition in his own apartment in Frankfurt, the works for which were provided by artist friends. While on his journey, however, the process of searching for and finding artists was dependent on his encounters with people and the social contacts he made at his six destinations. Each of the works from Germany, Uganda, Australia, Malaysia, China, Canada and the USA has its own story to tell. In each of the exhibitions that Wanzke organised along the way, he redefined the relationships between the works by adopting diverse curatorial concepts. Through Wanzke’s role as a collector, artist and curator, the art project took on a highly personal narrative. This means the collection is the story not only of exciting encounters with various artists, but also of the coincidences and subjective decisions that shaped its creation. Now on display in the Weltkulturen Labor, Wanzke’s collection has returned to its geographical starting point.
General informations:

• Client: Weltkulturen Museum
• Exhibition design concept: Michael Satter
• Graphic design: Michael Satter 
• Curators: Reinhard Wanzke
supported by Julia Friedel
• Photography: Wolfgang Günzel, Michael Satter
• Year: 2019

Technical informations:
• Format: A1Various
• Typeface: Various
• Print: Various