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Weltkulturen News 05

We associate exhibitions with looking at objects and pictures. But language plays a crucial role too. Whether in written form as wall texts or spoken during tours around the exhibition, it serves to communicate content in a factual manner. But as a self-contained text installation it can also convey sensual experiences. In the current exhibition, a Japanese poem about the “green sky and blue grass” gives us a feeling of the playfulness of words and language. In a museum, people engaged in various professions have to work closely together every step of the way. Every project needs perfect coordination. Depending on the direction they're coming from – whether they work as curators, or in conservation, administration or public relations – every member of sta contributes their own expert perspective. Each of these voices plays a professional role in implementing our projects. Moreover, any exhibition topic will involve diverging points of view and controversial discussions, and these must be presented in a differentiated manner. For the Weltkulturen Museum in particular, it is crucial for those voices to be heard that have hitherto been virtually ignored when it comes to issues such as colonial-era collecting and restitution. Portraying so many voices enhances the work of the museum and makes. its exhibitions and events relevant. And so in this edition too you will need a wide range of articles from various professional elds and perspectives presented by the many voices that represent our institution in such a diverse manner. Eva Ch. Raabe, director, Weltkulturen Museum

General informations:
• Design concept: Michael Satter
• Graphic design: Michael Satter
• Cover illustration: Benedikt Luft
• Editors: Christine Sturm
• Publisher: Weltkulturen Museum
• Authors: Various
• Photography: Various
• Portfolio Photography: Peter Wolff
• Year: 2021

Technical informations:
• Format: 285 x 400 mm
• Pages: 32
• Typeface: Camelot RosartDinamo Simon Mono
• Print: Web-offset press
• Printer: Societaets Druckerei